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Special NGO created to gift Taxi Wallahs with loose change in Mumbai

21, Nov 2014 By mpsharmaauthor

Mumbai. An NGO has been launched in the metropolitan city aiming to gift taxi drivers with loose change in an effort to help them with their plight of never having any.

A constant thorn in the sides of drivers and passengers alike, Mumbai’s taxis are notorious for never having any change for fares that do not cater to complete note currencies.

“I am so thankful to this NGO,” a frustrated regular taxi commuter at Colaba, Mr Choudhury told Faking News when informed of the revolutionary move. “Every time I take a taxi, I have to make sure that I keep a close watch on the meter. Even if I have to walk a kilometre to my house or the office, I always stop the taxi wallah when the fare reaches 100, 200 or 500 rupees without fail. That way I don’t feel cheated.”

The taxi association may soon protest against the NGO.
The taxi association may soon protest against the NGO.

When asked about whether travelling by taxi was worth it if he just had to walk in the end anyway or if he had thought about allowing for 50 rupee note additions as well to reduce the amount he had to travel on foot, Mr Choudhury looked perplexed at the insinuation, “That is the dumbest idea I have ever heard. Obviously people with cars like you have lost their brain cells in all the smog on the roads.”

Not everyone is happy with the move however. Taxi drivers across the city have taken to the streets in protest claiming that the charitable move has in fact made their lives more difficult.

“What kind of dhan is this?” a driver complained to reporters amidst the commotion. “Firstly the change is so heavy. And at least, before this NGO came along we would irritate the passengers so much, especially when they were getting late for work, they would eventually give up and leave us with an enforced tip. How else can you get your due from besharam passengers?”

Meanwhile, the NGO is perplexed at all the hate mail they are receiving from taxi wallahs across the state and is wondering what all the ruckus is about when all they are trying to do is help. “Kya patta?” and official representative of the NGO stated “Bhalayi ka zamana hi nahi raha.

Bollywood however is running abuzz with the controversial story, an unnamed popular director already penning down a story covering the struggle of a taxi driver and his James Bond like manoeuvres in bringing a terrorism racket down with a sexy heroine he picks up along the way by his side and eventually falls in love with. When asked how much of the story would centre on the crux of the real life story of taxi drivers and the NGO, the director said nothing, except that the hero was a taxi wallah.