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Sr. executive who sends emails like "Thanks, Good job" decides to leave, company gives hefty hike to retain him

14, May 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: According to our sources, Mr. Pravin Raut, who is working as Senior Vice President in a reputed Indian IT company decided to leave the organization to pursue his career interest outside.


The IT company called for an urgent top level board meeting to review the impact it will have. In the end, it passed a unanimous resolution, Company will do whatever it takes to retain a unique talent like Mr. Raut in the organization.

The exact reason behind Mr. Raut’s resignation is not known to us, however according to one of his close colleague who wanted to remain anonymous, said, “Mr. Raut like many senior executives in corporate world has ambition to retire with a salary package higher than his Aadhaar card number. With recent announcement from the company about deferring his salary increment and bonus payment to July 2017 might have irked him”.

“Probably Company was not giving ‘due credit’ for the work he is doing here. I have seen his pitch perfect messages from time to time. Let me give you few examples like ‘Thanks’, ‘very good job’, ‘well done’, ‘keep up the good work’ which will come at the right time from his iPhone7 plus. Even on days when he would be on family vacation, the message would come dot on time with no typo ever”, said his colleague.

He added, “As soon as message comes, all the engineers who would have burnt midnight oil for months to successfully deliver the project, would feel relieved. It will be the first reward for their sheer hard work and dedication, they would be yearning for it. He does not stop there, if any customer appreciation comes, he will profoundly praise the engineer and give him two thousand rupees’ gift vouchers”

When we asked HR head, how company is going to absorb his hike, he said, “For all the problems we have bell curve. The bottom 5% will go, freshers joining will be delayed and yes, few more cost cutting measures like instead of seven we will pack ten in a cab while employees ask for late night drop from office. When 3000 employees go, no one knows, if Mr. Raut goes, it will be all over the press. That’s the impact we are minimizing”.