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Startup hires MBA grad to analyse the losses, becomes bankrupt after paying his salary

18, Mar 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

MBA or M.B.A. or Master of Business Administration is the most sought-after post graduation course all over the world. It is a master’s degree in business administration.


Some of the most important points to note about an MBA grad are as follows:

1) No presentation is complete without adding atleast random pie-charts and bar-charts.

2) Every questionnaire that is given to you always reminds you of the Research Methodology subject.

3) Finance concepts would become crystal clear when you have goofed-up in the campus placement.

Most anticipated slide in a presentation is “Thank You” slide.

5) We ask this question to every student, which specialization to choose, Marketing or Finance? Then choose the specialization based on our score in Financial Management.

One thing that is talked about a lot is the salary drawn by these so called intellectual minds.

And ‘FarhanRancho, a new age startup soon realized the ill effects of an MBA. They had hired a finance graduate, Mr Sanil Jain to explain and analyse the losses made by the company but by the time they were finished paying his salary, they were totally bankrupt. They now don’t have money to even pay their rents in a costly city like Mumbai. Sanil, like any other MBA grad soon joined another Startup with a 40% hike.

But still MBAs are in great demand. You name the industry and most of the vacancies are for the business professionals. But the companies don’t realize that the solution to the problem itself is the biggest problem here. And every new problem gives rise to a new course designed by some premier Business school, which later obviously gets copied by other b schools. MBA in Ánalysis of Loss making’is soon to be added in the curriculum.