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Sting operation #OperationProjectManager exposes HR manipulation in IT Companies

26, Feb 2014 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

Hyderabad: Inspired by a news channel’s sting operation on opinion polls survey agencies, sensational sting operation #OperationProjectManager by an IT employee has managed to expose the black truth of Appraisal Process in the Indian IT firms.

Year after year, millions of techies end up swallowing bitter pill of ‘Meets Expectation’ even after getting tons of client appreciation and testimony mails. Whether it’s “bell curve fitting” or “industry salary survey”, their appraisal comments always fail to justify the ratings and hike.

Arvind Khujliwal, a Software Engineer in Sysinfo Technologies Ltd had enough of it when even after getting positive comments from project manager and nice testimonial mails from client, he got only ‘Meets Expectations’ rating and 2% raise in salary. Earlier, he had got good rating but Project Manager refused to give him a raise saying he was already getting at par with market standards.

An employee after appraisal

In an exclusive interview with Faking News, Khujliwal told Shaitaan Khopdi™ how HR fabricates the salary figures obtained from market survey, and project managers manipulate the appraisal data.

“This is a scam in which all IT companies are involved. The survey is conducted by a third party that prepares two reports. Correct report is shared with employer and rigged one is shared with employees. They quote false salaries to ensure that market benchmark doesn’t rise. And then refer to those benchmarks when denying us hike. In our Delhi office, their survey showed only 5% salary hike across IT industry, while according to my friend Yogendra, the real figure was between 40-50%. As a result employee getting 7% hike remained highly satisfied resulting in high Employee Satisfaction and low attrition,” Arvind revealed.

Khujliwal further added, “A ‘Hard Working’ employee often gets lower rating than ‘Hardly Working’ employee in the name of fitting the data in bell curve. That’s why we call it ‘Ghanta Exercise’. For Hard Working employee, good testimonials written by the client are discarded by saying ‘This is the minimum expectation from you’. And any escalation is put on the top of review comments.  That’s how they tweak the data.”

Post this exposé, Arvind has announced campaign and activism to put an end to such practices. For this, an organization called e-TATTU (experienced Techies Against Tweaked Testimony Union) has been formed.

When asked ‘Why only experienced techies’ Khujliwal replied, “We had originally planned a youth wing for fresher’s FATTU (Fresher’s Against Tweaked Testimony Union) and had sent a fresher to do the sting with the hidden camera. That idiot did the sting and after finishing the recording started saying ‘Cameraman Ashutosh ke saath Deepak Chaurasiya AAPTak’. He was fired by the HR even before he could offer to resign. We cannot trust these inexperienced people, our career is at stake.”

e-TATTU has called for Hyderabad Hartal and Bangalore Bandh this weekend to protest against this exploitation by IT companies.