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To stop getting personal loan offers, man starts asking loan personally from bank employees

18, Jun 2017 By RT

Mumbai. Fed up with being called continuously with offers of personal loans, man from south Mumbai started asking for a loan personally from the bank employees who have called him. Not a single person has called again with any such offer any more, it is learnt by Faking News.


“On a good day, I used to get about 10 calls offering me personal loans. On a bad day, the count would go up to as high as 25. I used to tell them that I don’t need one;They wouldn’t listen. Tell them that I do not have enough money to pay the loan back; They wouldn’t care. Finally, it clicked me. I asked one of the callers to give me money from his personal funds and I will pay back. It will simply be a personal loan between the two parties. Even after the assurance that I will also pay interest, that guy hung up quickly and never called me back!”, Mr. Kumar told Faking news.

“I have practiced the same tactics with all the callers and it worked like a charm. Now, I enjoy not being called with personal loan offers. However, something is still bothering me a lot; these bank guys, if they don’t trust me that I will pay them back, how do they expect that I will pay back to the bank? I want them to trust my credit score at least, for crying out loud!”, he sounded a bit irritated by the behaviour of the bank officials.

“This person is unbelievable. I mean, in my job, I have seen all kinds of customers. Some customers simply disconnect the call; some of them yell at us with choicest of expletives; a dangerous few listen to about half an hour of our briefing, ask several questions in between and finally tell us that they aren’t interested; but, this guy is unique. Asking a bank employee for a personal loan from his own funds! I am still not out of the shock!”, one of the bank executive, at the receiving end of the business proposition, told Faking News.

By the time this news is going to the print, Mr.Kumar is already receiving phone calls from the same bank callers, offering him car loans now, it is learnt by Faking News.