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Students request RBI to print sleeker currency notes which can be easily rolled for safe storage

13, Jun 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai. Thousands of school and college kids throughout India have started an online petition campaign to request R.B.I. governor Mr. Raghuram Rajan to print sleeker crispier notes which can then be rolled and stored safely. Mr. Jaikishan “Suryakishan” Tiwari popularly known as JT is a B.A. 3rd year student who is leading this crispy currency petition campaign on social media. We met JT for more details on this campaign, at his college just after his political science lecture finished.

Extremely thin bodied, wearing a rugged t-shirt and an extremely low-waist jeans, JT does not come across as a leader of the masses. But his thoughts on finance, currency circulation and government control are explosive. Plus he possesses the power of 527 K twitter followers who are ready to trend hashtags such as #OurJointEfforts, #RollingStones and #OnTheHigherGround at a moment’s notice. It was early afternoon when we met JT but on his request we started to walk across the streets while we interviewed him.

Currently not roll-abe enough
Currently not roll-able enough

“Have you ever seen a dollar bill bro? I bet you haven’t. It’s just the right thickness, very sleek, just the right crispness. Can be easily rolled and stored. Same is deal with the Queen’s currency, just the right texture for rolling. And then people can store the currency notes easily,”  JT said while sipping black coffee from his large blue mug.

“When I was in America,” JT further continued, “I traveled through many cities. I met youngsters, teenagers, kids, old men, young men, not even men, all of them used to roll the dollar notes and store them efficiently. Mugging is very common there. You can’t just stroll through an empty LA (Los Angeles) street at night just like you can do in Dadar. So to keep the money safe people in America roll the green leaves … I mean the dollar notes and then store them.”

Apart from his student life JT is also a new-age social activist who stays for 15 days in Athens, Greece and 15 days in Mumbai. He also regularly visits other American and European cities for meeting up with his friends and followers.

“I ask only one thing from Reserve Bank, just do a detailed technical study of texture of currency notes from various major currencies, Dollar, Pound, Euro etc. Make sure that our 1000 rupee notes are as roll-able as any other major currencies in the world. So that we school and college kids could at least store them safely. That’s all I ask,” JT grinned revealing his burnt teeth.

While crossing a street JT suddenly stopped. He then took out a big wad of several thousand rupee notes from his jeans pocket and knocked a door. A giant man came out and greeted him, to whom JT handed out the big wad of notes. That man whispered something in JT’s ear and JT laughed loudly. Then they had a fist-to-fist high five after which they hugged and patted their backs for good 10 seconds and then JT said adios to him. JT then took also leave from us as he had to urgently leave for Goa for an urgent business meeting.