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Supreme court to set limit of notification messages one receives after a purchase from e-commerce site

07, Dec 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

New Delhi: As social media vies for our attention, networks have begun sending us notifications that have nothing to do with our activity on the site. And if you have purchased something from an eCommerce platform then God save you, as the number of messages you will receive will be too much to handle. Notifications started as the means for an app or the OS to tell you something useful, but they have become so much more in the past few years. Reports suggest that we check our smartphone nearly a hundred times each day. Notifications make up for no small part of this, and they’re starting to become a real problem.


The Supreme court had to finally intervene in the matter as a customer had filed petition seeking the removal of notification messages which have become a compulsory norm by the E commerce companies. Shwetank Srivastava had received 110 messages for his last purchase from cheapkart. He was so tired of seeing the messages that a complete day was wasted in reading them. Finally he gathered courage and filed a petition against the number of messages one receives from ecommerce companies.

The Supreme Court’s special team will analyse the problem and find out the optimum number of messages which an ecommerce company sends to a customer and at the same time the number should not bother the customer.