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Survey shows that 'As you can see from this slide' is the number one phrase used by office goers

30, Sep 2017 By Akash Vadera

Recently, The Office and Professional Employees International Union (OPEIU) conducted a survey in India to find out the most used phrase by office employees. “Aaj nahi aa sakta yaar office me kaam hai” was at the 3rd spot. “Appraisal ke naam pe mazaak hua hai,” was 2nd. Surprisingly, the phrase that topped the list was “As you can see from this slide”.

To verify how true this survey was, we conducted a little survey of our own. We interviewed many office employees and asked them the phrases that they use the most in daily life. And shockingly, we found out that the OPEIU survey is very accurate.

One office employee, Mr. Rahul Gupta, said “The most used phrase in my daily life is definitely ‘As you can see from this slide’, because as it has just been 3 months since I joined here and I’m on probation, I am in the office for 14 hours a day. An employee on probation is like an arranged marriage bride. People expect you to do all the work but still there is a risk of you being sent back to where you came from. It is worse than an unpaid intern. So it is natural that I make PPTs for everyone. In fact, once our office chaaiwala told me to make a PPT just because everyone told me to and he thought he shouldn’t be left behind. I not only make PPTs but I also present PPTs for some employees. Being an engineer, I have the habit for not preparing for any presentation. Preparing for a presentation was considered a taboo in our college. So when I’m stuck at a point on a presentation, I just use the savior ‘As you can see from this slide’ and repeat whatever’s written on the slide.”

Another office employee, Mr. Rohit Kumar also responded on similar notes. He said “Yes, ‘As you can see from this slide’ is definitely my most used phrase. I am quite used to making PPTs and I use that phrase every slide. In fact, I have gotten used to using that phrase so much, that I made a PPT to propose to my girlfriend and used that phrase when I had to answer why she should marry me. The phrase is a savior.”

So it seems like the OPEIU report is 100% accurate. ‘As you can see from this slide’ is indeed the number one phrase used by office goers. So if you’re an office employee and if you too use this phrase too much, don’t worry; you’re not alone.