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Swiggy boy fails to deliver meal as customer was stranded on ground floor as all lifts were full with Swiggy waalas

25, Sep 2018 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai: The current times are that of startups offering food delivery services. If one happens to visit a corporate office, there are a number of delivery boys in the premises, sometimes even outnumbering the no of employees. And that is the reason a customer had to suffer on Monday.


Sanil Jain had ordered a food box from one of the delivery vendors and the delivery was scheduled for the afternoon. But the lifts were full of delivery executives and Sanil who had gone to the ground floor for some work never really made to the 20th floor where he works.

The situation Sanil faced on Monday is the situation many faces in a growing city like Mumbai or Delhi. There are so many food delivery services that the day is not far when the delivery boys will outnumber IT employees. It’s not that Sanil didn’t try his best to reach the 20th floor.

He tried all lifts possible at the lobby but all were full, he even tried to adjust in many lifts just like people do in Mumbai Local trains, but all in vain. Finally, when the peak hours of the delivery boys were over, Sanil reached his office but he was too late to receive his parcel.

Many corporate employees have urged the government to form rules to put a cap on a number of delivery boys per sq. km. And also there should be time duration when the lifts are used by the delivery boys. Swiggy has apologized Sanil for their mistake and has promised a personal delivery boy for Sanil who will always wait for him to receive the parcel.