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Switzerland asks India to get details of Swiss bank account holders from Arvind Kejriwal

30, Jun 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. Switzerland has declined to hand over a list of Indians having accounts in their banks. Swiss authorities, instead, have asked the government of India to get the names and account details of Indians having unaccounted money from Arvind Kejriwal.

With this, all eyes and cameras have once again turned towards AAP chief.

Sources tell Faking News that Swiss authorities are banking on the sheer knowledge and information that Kejriwal holds regarding corrupt people of India.

Kejriwal’s reaction to the news.

“See, we checked our details and we were trying to locate owners of account holders; some of those are benaami (in fake names)” a Swiss bank manager told us, “But one of our top managers saw Mr. Kejriwal flashing a Swiss bank account number and revealing name of the account holder. We were impressed! And we wondered why the government of India was asking us when they have a person who knows everything.”

“Let Mr. Kejriwal tell us the names, account details, amount of money, etc. lying in our banks. This will help India as well as us; if we find any dissimilarity with our own database, we will update it with the new information,” he added.

While some experts are seeing it as a well calculated move by Swiss banks to save their relationship with the existing customers, for they will be saved from revealing their account details on their own, others feel that Swiss government is afraid of being called corrupt by Kejriwal if the names in the list released by them does not matches his expectations.

This move by the Swiss authorities has put the Modi government in a fix. Sources say that the government of India has initiated a back channel talk with the government of Switzerland to persuade them to take back their words.

“The government is already struggling with statements by their own leaders and ministers. They are not in a position to handle controversy created by outsiders,” a source disclosed.

Meanwhile, buoyed by the confidence which Swiss banks have shown in him, Arvind Kejriwal has promised to come up with the first list of bank details within a week.

Reportedly, Kejriwal has called an emergency meeting of AAP core committee members to decide the name of men (sources couldn’t confirm if there could be name of a woman as well) to be included in the first list and amount of money to be assigned to each.