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Switzerland bans Haldirams snacks in retaliation to Maggi ban in India

03, Jun 2015 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi. It’s been over a week but the tussle between government authorities and and Nestle doesn’t seem to abate. After Maggi eaters and celebrities endorsing the brand, it seems that the latest victim of this ongoing controversy is snacks maker Haldirams.

Swiss food regulatory authorities have recently tested 100 samples of Haldirams snacks, and if sources are to be believed, they found high levels of ‘a substance not good for health’.

While Swiss officials however refused to divulge the name of the substance, sources say that they took action after reading tweets of Praveen Swami, a journalist from Indian Express who had claimed that eating at Haldirams was a leading cause of leprosy. Since Indian journalists know better than any expert, Swiss authorities decided to act, sources tell Faking News.

However, another set of sources claim the truth to be something else. They claim that the ban is just a retaliation to Maggi ban in India, and it was an ongoing diplomatic war between two nations.

“India’s action had affected relations between India and Switzerland, which till now was the largest exporter of lead to India,” a Swiss official told Faking News.

Meanwhile back n India, Nestle has gone into damage control mode and is trying its best to arrest the loss of reputation. Experts however feel that its just a bad phase that Nestle needs to tide over. Earlier too Cadbury’s had to face flak for ‘worms in chocolate’ and Pepsico got bad press for ‘Pesticides in soft drinks’, but entire India is today happily drinking Pepsi and gifting Cadbury’s.

Maggi with disclaimer
A temporary solution?

“We are even willing to sell our packets with a statutory warning. I’m sure no one will bother and continue eating what we sell,” a Nestle official hoped.

But the company conceded that the controversy had hit their sales. Some consumers had stopped buying new packets and wondered what to do with the extra packets already resting in their kitchen selves.

Neha Singh, housewife in Noida has found a solution though.

“My house is infested with rats. I am planning to cook Maggi and then put it in small bowls and place it along the corners of our house. By next morning there should be around 2-3 dead rats. This way I can get rid of extra Maggi packs and also the rats,” she said.