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Taking a cue from Micromax, Chaini Khaini hires Brad Pitt as brand ambassador

18, Oct 2013 By idiot420

Mumbai. Inspired from Micromax’s brilliant image makeover initiative after it hired Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman as its brand ambassador, leading snus tobacco brand Chaini Khaini has roped in Hollywood heartthrob Brad Pitt as their brand ambassador.

“Khaini as a tobacco product is always looked down upon in the tobacco segment as cheap Chinese phones are looked down upon in the smartphone segment. We need to position ourselves as not being too different from other tobacco products like cigarettes,” Mukesh Saini, the marketing head of Chaini Khaini explained.

Since branding attempts like a man buying out East India Company after eating paan masala (a similar product) didn’t seem to have left much impact on consumers, Chaini Khaini decided to go the Micromax way.

“We want to tell India’s smartphone generation that Khaini is not that cheap product, even Brad Pitt eats khaini,” Saini further explained.

The marketing head further claimed that thanks to their company’s efforts, khaini will become a globally renowned Indian product after yoga and chicken curry.

“It will be India’s next biggest export to western world, and will help the country in Bharat Nirman by reducing the current account deficit,” he added, “So don’t get shocked if few years down the line you find a US President using our product.”

“I love India and am looking forward to this mystical association,” Brad told Faking News confirming the news.

In order to not lose its current customer base, the company is planning to show Brad Pitt in desi look, while projecting suave look for the urban and international audiences. They are also planning to open khaini outlets all across India and in selected cities abroad.

Brad Pitt
One of the early advertisements released by Chaini Khaini

When asked why did they choose Brad Pitt, the marketing head explained that his performance in the famous Hollywood flick “Inglourious Basterds” sealed the deal.

“Remember the stiff lower lip that was slightly pushed out by him in the movie. That’s the way you consume khaini. We want to make people feel like Brad Pitt when they buy Chaini Khaini,” the manager revealed the marketing message.