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Taking clue from multiplex, local barber to charge extra for hair cut in weekends

02, May 2015 By dasu

Bangalore. For city based techie Ambar Adhikari, working days are so hectic that by the time he reaches office, it is 2 PM. Only time he gets to groom himself is in the weekend.

Today, after spending close to 2 hours at the local barber shop which he somehow utilized by going through last twelve editions of Femina and Filmfare magazines, his turn came up. To his surprise one of the fresher from the barber group attended to a big man like him.

Ambar could not believe when the shop owner asked for 300 bucks after hair cut was over, when the rate chart mentioned for normal hair cut charge is 100 bucks. He could not believe this and felt this was daylight robbery.

Man undergoing a Rs 1000 haircut on a Sunday.
Man undergoing a Rs 1000 haircut on a Sunday.

Ambar spoke to Faking News reporter, Abhishek Jayswal, on the condition of anonymity “Abhishek, as such nothing much is left in my head. With so much stress to meet deadlines in IT sector, most of my hair has literally gone through the shower to the drain. Here is the barber shop owner doing daylight robbery on me. When I asked, after sitting in queue for hours you send a fresher to attend me and then charge three times more. Shop owner showed me a small star with conditions apply next to the rate chart.”

Ambar told us when he questioned the shop owner, that fellow snapped back at him telling “Sir you are from IT industry, don’t you know how IT services companies get projects? They show clients the moon and assure there will be no bug in their software, everything will be delivered on time. Sir, has it ever happened that everything was delivered on time? And about bugs, if you just walk past the code, you will find a bug. Do not ask me how much hair was there, now a days nobody charge as per effort. Do your clients charge as per lines of code you have written?”

Shop owner told Ambar, “Sir, do not be surprised with my knowledge on IT sector. Most of the techies come to a high end salon like mine and they discuss everything about their job life, personal life with me.”

When asked about charging extra in weekends, he said “Sir, you do not hesitate to pay 4 times in the weekends to watch the same movie in the same multiplex in the same seat eating the same samosa prepared a week back and when a poor barber like me charges little bit extra as part of prime hour charge of weekends, you have so much problem.”

Barber shop owner advised Ambar to come during week days and assured he would not charge him as much, and will do the same service at one tenth of the price Ambar pays at multiplex.

Meanwhile Ambar has requested his wife to give him a break from household work in week days so that he can save some money for their future by using the salon service in weekdays.