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Tata introduces an even smaller version of Nano for narrow Varanasi roads

06, Feb 2015 By Mohita Menon

Varanasi. After Nano, Tata takes another leap in the domain of low cost small cars and introduces Pico, the successor of its homegrown lakhtakiya Nano series. Pico has been exclusively developed to suit the roads and narrow lane geography of Varanasi, with special features to ensure a smooth drive on dug-up streets and also making way through hoards of stray cattle.

Too big for Varanasi roads.
Too big for Varanasi roads.

Announcing the launch of Pico in a star studded ceremony here in Clarks Hotel, Cyrus Mistry, CEO of TATA Motors said, “This is in continuation of the Tata group’s commitment to provide quality innovative auto products for the common man. We observed that Varanasi was in dire need of an innovation on the streets with almost half of the city dug-up for drainage and sewer works, and a large chunk of population living in narrow lanes.”

Pico possesses a distinctive horn that has multiple modes and can produce moo-ing sounds to communicate with cattle to make way on the road. Besides, its supersonic suspension wheels can seamlessly glide over potholes thus making driving a comfortable experience. Pico also boasts of its unique body compression system that has the ability to squeeze the entire car to fit gullies as narrow as 2 feet.

“We have designed a model that is specifically tailor made to work for the unique Varanasi ecosystem and comes at a budget price of 1 lac,” Mr. Mistry proudly remarked in his address.

The announcement of a budget car for Varanasi comes as a ray of hope to many Banarasis. Shyam Lal who owns a laung lata shop in Chouk remarked, “I live in one of the labyrinthine lanes and have long dropped the dream of owning a car. But this launch makes me hopeful of driving my own car in Thatheri bazaar.”