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Tata launches new scheme for Delhi- Exchange old car for 2 new Nanos to beat Odd-Even

06, Jan 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Delhi: To help Delhi residents follow the odd-Even policy without getting inconvenienced, Tata has come up with a new exchange offer on cars for Delhi residents. Leave your car at the nearest Tata Showroom as collateral and take back 2 brand new Nano Cars. Once odd-even plan is discontinued, you can return the Nano cars and recollect your own car after paying a nominal fee.

This offer is applicable only for NCR residents.

Tata Nano
Such posters were seen all across Delhi today morning

Delhi is currently experimenting with odd-even policy where vehicles with number ending in an odd digit are allowed one day and vehicles with number ending in an even digit allowed the next. The scheme has seen mixed results with AAP supporters experiencing air as clean as Swiss Alps while BJP supporters feeling like their face has been stuffed down a chimney.

Speaking to Faking News, Tata Motors Marketing Manager, Mr Awdiven said, “Well this odd-even policy has been great for people who have 2 cars with 1 ending in an even digit and another one in even. They are cruising to work every day thanks to the reduced road traffic after this policy. We thought that more people should have 2 cars to enjoy these rare free roads in Delhi. That is why we have introduced this exchange offer.”

“People can get both odd and even number when they come for this vehicle exchange. We have already stocked up our showrooms expecting heavy demand. We are just going to charge by the day so you can drive it around as much as you want while the car is with you”, Mr Awdiven told us.

When we asked whether Tata will lose a lot of money as their new cars will become used cars and their market price will come down drastically, Mr Awdiven smiled and said, “Sir how much the price of Nano can come down anyway? We are optimistic about this policy and hoping that it will be extended to other cities soon. We will send these used cars to those places and recover the money through rents. We are also in talks with Rohit Shetty to sign a contract where he makes Nanos explode instead of Scorpios so he can use all these cars for Ajay Devgn’s entry. And then sir, Goodwill bhi koi cheez hoti hai. If we suffer any expense out of our pockets, we will file it under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as we are trying to reduce pollution in Delhi by supporting the odd-even plan.”

Brushing aside the allegation that this will increase road congestion with more cars on the road, Mr Awdiven said, “Have you seen how much space Nano takes? 3 cars can fit in the space taken by your Caaaaaars. This might actually reduce congestion further.”

Meanwhile, Tata is also in talks with Kejriwal to sign him as the brand ambassador for Tata Nano and relaunch people’s car as Aam Aadmi Car