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Tata Motors launches "Seldom", a brand new series for customers who rarely take their cars out

28, May 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Mumbai. India’s auto industry giant Tata Motors has reportedly launched Seldom, a limited edition model in its rare cars segment, after a thorough market research revealed specific behavior pattern of customers.

Faking News reporters spoke to Tata Motors’ Media Interaction Head, Kuchbhi Singh and here’s what he had to say about Seldom.

“A picture of Sharma uncle’s ‘Tata Seldom’ that’ll be taken out of garage only after 3 months from now i.e., during Monty’s wedding.”

“Tata Motors has always exceeded customers’ expectations and even in this model, we’ve ensured reality exceeds what customers expect. It all started when our market research team adopted new and innovative techniques to come up with facts and figures that really made a difference in customers’ lives,” he said.

“Hundreds of our marketing agents surveyed residential colonies across the country and found that, even during working days cars were neatly covered with no signs of them being driven in near future. In some cases, men clad in lungi-baniyan cleaned it even better than what bus cleaners do. To our agents’ surprise, 90% of them covered back their cars after cleaning and rode to work on rival manufactured bikes,” he disclosed the findings.

“A large section of car owners had one pattern of behavior in common; taking the car out ‘only’ on occasions like weddings and receptions. Later, it was found that this population had a large subset who drove in cars only if function halls were within city limits. All of this research led to our new product – Seldom, with a bill fitting tag-line: for occasional occasions,” finished explaining Kuchbhi as a huge round of applause followed.

Sources say, rival car manufacturers have already started luring Tata’s marketing agents with offers they wouldn’t want to refuse.