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Tatas miss meeting with Air India officials after their Air India flight gets delayed by 6 hours

22, Jun 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

The Tata Group in partnership with Singapore Airlines may be looking at buying India’s national carrier Air India from the government, and meetings are on to make the deal happen. Tata Group chairman N Chandrasekaran has held informal talks with the government, expressing preliminary interest in buying a controlling stake in Air India with 51 per cent equity. But amid all such optimism, a major meeting between the two was delayed today, as the Air India plane carrying the Tata officials arrived 6 hrs late at The Mumbai Airport.


Air India is known for its punctuality and efficient style of working. Oh sorry that was a major typo, we were talking about Indigo. Air India is known for dis punctual employees and inefficient style of working. But they never knew that such inefficiency would lead to a meeting which was going to help Air India in a big way. In fact Air India’s disinvestment plan is a major  move taken by the Modi government to free itself from humongous debts.

The Tatas now may have to rethink their strategy as today they got an example of how tough it is to manage Air India. Tata Officials had knowingly booked tickets on an Air India flight to have a look at the operations and working style. A 6 hour delay on a 2 hour flight is something only an Air India can pull off. The meeting though took place at a postponed time, but even Air India doesn’t look confident after this major goof up.

Tatas are very strict with the kind of punctuality they want from all their sister companies, and looking at their past record, it seems that it would be difficult for Air India to get another chance at the next meeting. Meanwhile Air India officials have taken note of today’s incident and promised the Tatas that it was just a one-off incident.