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Techie denied US onsite after he failed to get up early morning to watch Super Bowl

08, Feb 2016 By Hemant Bijapurkar

Bengaluru: A local techie Sanjay Singh has been denied an onsite assignment in the USA after he failed to wake up today morning to watch Super Bowl 50.  Despite clear instructions from his Project manager, Singh did not get up early morning to watch and pretend to understand the biggest event in American Football. Super-Bowl-50-Logo-Large

We contacted some of his colleagues for further information and one of them, Prabhat, told us, “Our project manager Mr. Sinha has become the biggest fan of American Football and Baseball ever since he visited USA for a 3 weeks assignment last year. He had told us that the entire team will gather at his house and watch Super Bowl 50 between Denver Broncos and some other team while eating Chicken wings. All of us were there in advance at 5 AM sharp but there was no sign of Sanjay, he had to pay for his absence.”

“We even tried calling him on his mobile, landline, WhatsApp, everywhere but there was no answer. We must have called 50 times in total but failed to wake him up. How can he get such peaceful sleep while working as a techie?” wondered another colleague Sonia.

When we contacted Sanjay’s boss Mr. Sinha, he got very angry at first but then calmed down and explained his decision. “Look, if we are sending someone over to the USA, he must familiarize himself with the local culture. Super Bowl is an integral part of their culture but this carelessness by Sanjay gave me a hint that he is not serious about this assignment. He must learn what people on the client side like, what they wear, what sports they watch, what accent they use. Listen to me now, can you tell by my accent that I am not an American?” Mr. Sinha asked us in a Cockney accent.

When we approached Sanjay to hear his side of the story, he blamed it all on the Filmfare awards. “I had planned to go to sleep at 8 last night but those damn Filmfare awards kept me awake late. I just kept thinking that I will go to sleep after next award, next award and before I realized, it was 11 PM. After that, I started posting on social media how the decisions were unfair and before I knew, it was 2 AM. There was no way I was getting up before noon after that.” Sanjay sighed.

Even though he is out of the running this year, Sanjay has promised himself that he will go and watch Super Bowl 51 in America to confirm his onsite assignment next year.