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A techie could not send his resignation letter as due to internet outage google was not working

03, Sep 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Pavan Agarwal, a techie could not send out his resignation letter as due to internet outage Google was not working. Pavan was visiting his home town Sirsa in Haryana during Ganesh Puja time when violence irrupted after the verdict on Ram Rahim was pronounced. Due to this Haryana Government suspended internet services for three to four days.


While speaking to us Pavan said, “How on earth I could have imagined, this kind of scenario will happen as soon as I land in Sirsa. For last two to three months I was trying hard for job switch. I got an exciting offer. HR person told me to join with in a month to get additional joining bonus which means I had to resign immediately. Unfortunately, Google was not up on that day thanks to the havoc created by Ram Rahim supports”.

Pavan added, “I am dependent on Google more than Arbaz and Sohail are on Salman Khan. After I joined IT industry, haven’t done anything without taking Google’s help. It’s not like I didn’t try, I tried to type a resignation letter on my own, but did not know where to start. After struggling for three hours left it”,

“I could have called one of my colleague in office to search in Google and let me know what I need to type. But my boss whom I called to say about my intention to resign has warned me not to inform about my resignation to anyone till last week of my notice period. He was worried with a person like me getting such a nice job, what will happen to the full team, floodgates might open. So, sat at home quietly cursing my fate”, said Pavan.

“After I realized things will not improve in Sirsa soon, took an overnight bus to come to Delhi next day to type my resignation letter. Got the job, but Baba’s supporters took my bonus away”, said Pavan who is trying to survive without Google. Every day he is doing GoogleMuktasana for 30 minutes, whatever happens he will not check Google in these 30 minutes.