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Techie spotted with tie and formals on Fridays, gets “exceeds expectation” rating during appraisal

01, Aug 2015 By dasu

Bangalore. Among his peers, techie Sumukh is known for his dressing as well as puzzle solving skills. A year back Sumukh and his equally talented batch mate Risheek were selected for outofsys, a leading software services company head quartered in the city.

Both were happy to work for an organization which not only brought smart global delivery model but also the smart dressing sense to India for the first time. As part of their induction program, they were told to wear formals on four days of the week except Friday. To clear the ambiguity for freshers, HR policy made it clear that formals are optional on Fridays and if one intends to wear jeans, t-shirts, sports shoes, one can do so on that day. The message from HR department was to follow dress code guidelines strictly every day without any deviation.

With like minded people on friday
With like minded people on friday

It seemed Sumukh, the complete man was kind of ok with formals and leather shoes. In contrast, Risheek was eagerly waiting for the all-important Friday. Apart from getting chance to watch some blockbusters, he was looking forward to wear his collection of polo t-shirts and Calvin Klein jeans. Risheek felt, his informal dress code will match better with the lush green landscapes the office campus has. The selfies taken with this picturesque background was getting him additional FB likes.

Both did not realize, how quickly a year passed and like their college exam time they were tense to go through their first appraisal process. At the end of it, formal Sumukh was rated a notch higher “exceeds expectation” which is B+ whereas informal Risheek got “B” which means “met expectation”. As both of them were new to these rating systems, company made sure HR head meets both the contestants and clarify their doubts before handing over their hike letters. As Sumukh was ahead, all the tough questions to HR presumably came from Risheek.

Our highly placed sources got access to performance appraisal data of both techies. It was petty evident the appraisal process is a long drawn process in IT companies which starts from January and ends on June. As per the overall score which was calculated on fifteen parameters, Sumukh was ahead of Risheek by mere 0.007 points. As we understood from their manager, both are exceptional talents. Number of lines of code, number of comments, number of documents they prepared, reviewed everything matched. To make it even more complicated both of them were next to each other on the all-important bell curve.

On close scrutiny we found it’s the dressing sense of Sumukh which was one of the vital parameters took him ahead of Risheek. The conclusive comment from HR was “There is nothing wrong with what Risheek did, Company gave him option to wear jeans and t-shirts on Fridays which he followed, that’s why got met expectation rating. Where as Sumukh is a classic case of someone going beyond what the organization expects. Not only that, when he was at office, cent percent of the time he looked like a professional as visualized by the co-founder of the company Naraj Shankar Murthy. Such sacrifice should not go unnoticed, that’s why people like Sumukh deserve exceeds expectation rating”.

Last heard the B+ ratings will give Sumukh 0.4% additional hike in comparison to Risheek which will make him richer by 77 rupees per month.