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Techie threatens to resign after he finds new office campus does not have a chai-sutta seller nearby

17, Jun 2015 By dasu

Bangalore: Recently a famous IT company shifted its R&D center to the out skirts of Bangalore city. The office is so far from the city; fully charged smart phones will be dead by the time employees reach office.

Techie Ajay Sharma who is the senior most smoker in the company was happy to see most of the facilities the new office offered as he was walking towards his cubicle. Everything was going smooth for him till 10 o’clock when he thought of taking his first chai-sutta break.

chai-sutta is a must for IT employees
chai-sutta is a must for IT employees

Ajay could not find a single chai or cigarette seller outside office gate. After making two rounds he was shocked to find out there is not a single shop selling chai and cigarette in the 2km radius of the campus.

For chai, he was ok to manage with whatever the office vending machine provided. The real challenge was to find cigarettes for all. Unfortunately none of the members of smoker’s club were carrying a cigarette that day.

He called facility admin Jyotiranjan to know the reason behind this mess. As per our sources he has gone to extent of writing an email to HR head that he will quit this company if they do not arrange a cigarette seller outside office gate within 3 days.

Faking news met Ajay to know more about his unhappiness. Ajay told us, “I can carry pack of cigarettes to office, however it is not easy for me to do that every day. Due to work pressure most of the days I have to leave office late and come early. In those hours you will not find shops which sell cigarettes are open. I am habituated to buy everything online; however none of the e-commerce sites sell cigarettes online.”

“If you see our office admin team has planned everything perfectly. We can see the same biscuit containers containing the same biscuits in our new office, how can he miss out on such a vital requirement. I am giving him benefit of doubt as he is a non-smoker and hopefully with time he will understand the life of an IT developer. Middle of the night when a developer struggles with the software bugs, chai and sutta are the two things which comes to his rescue and keeps his brain occupied with code.”

Admin head Jyotiranjan told us,“one cannot say this is a lapse on my side. This is a basic infrastructure necessity which our civic agencies, Government, and builders need to take a note of. Just by making IT parks their job is not complete. They need to provide such basic facilities outside office campuses. In my personal capacity, I have requested people to come and setup shops near our office back gate. We have guaranteed certain amount of business and many of our smokers are ready to smoke more to sustain the business.”

On our query whether smoking causes any problem to residents staying nearby, Jyotiranjan told us, “IT companies do not allow its employees to smoke inside their campus. They have given freehand to employees to do whatever they want outside. For the overall growth of the industry and to retain talent, some kind of sacrifice everyone has to do. I have seen most places residents have been kind enough to share the smoke coming their way.”