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Teenager who flunked Economics in 12th boards making a great case online for Rajan's exit

20, Jun 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Pune: 17 yrs old Ajay Kumar from Pune who scored 3 marks in his 12th board Economics paper, has written a 10,000 words article explaining why Raghuram Rajan’s exit from Reserve Bank of India is actually a good thing for the global economy in general and Indian economy in particular.

Raghuram Rajan
Rajan wondering whether he knows anything at all after reading Ajay’s article

The article has gone viral and has been shared thousands of times across multiple social media websites by people debating Rajan’s exit. Earlier, India’s “Rock star” central bank governor, Raghuram Rajan had announced that he will step down after just one three-year term in office.

Speaking to Faking News, Ajay said,”Well there was a lot of misinformation being spread around Rajan’s exit as RBI governor so I felt someone has to do a complete objective analysis of this development. Since I am the best economist I know, I thought I should do it myself. As I sat out to explain RBI’s future direction in lay man’s language, I realized that Rajan’s exit is actually great for the Indian economy and I had to stretch my article to 10,000 words to make it crystal clear for everyone.”

When we asked Ajay how did he manage to get only 3 marks in his Economics paper if he is such a good economist, he smiled and said ,”Well that is just my love for the subject. I want to study economics all my life. If I pass it in one year then what is the point? Do you leave your wife after one year? No, right? Aur meri dulhan to economics hai.

When asked whether he is surprised by the number of shares and likes his article is getting, Ajay replied,”Oh no, not at all. I was totally expecting this. I got even higher number of shares when I explained Gravitational waves, I love astronomy too, or when I wrote on cure for Zika virus, biology is my passion. I am used to these moments of fame.”

When we asked some of the people sharing Ajay’s article whether they have read what he wrote, most common answer was- We did read the headline in full.