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Tester sues developer after no bugs were found in the code

05, Dec 2013 By idiot420

Bangalore. Bugpakdu Biswal, a software tester working with leading IT company Ram Rajya Infotech, has sued a developer of his own company for writing bug-free code.

Rakesh Sharma, the unfortunate quality developer has been charged by the tester for orchestrating a conspiracy to drive the whole tester community towards extinction.

“I was way too motivated to be a good programmer, and look what this has resulted into! It’s really tough for an honest developer to survive in India,” said a visibly upset Rakesh.

The favorite form of life for a tester

Sources say that after failing to find any bug in the flawless and 24-carat pure code, Bugpakdu started feeling insecure about his job and talent. Frustrated, he resorted to the last weapon of his arsenal – browser related design bugs.

He allegedly downloaded a browser named “Jhingalala” developed by some Somalian company and tested Rakesh’s application in that. And as expected, he found an alignment problem in the application design.

But his chicanery was spotted by project manager who told Bugpakdu to stick to things that matter and not come up with flimsy excuses. Before giving up, Bugpakdu tried many other tricks like filing bug report for absence of ‘Jai Mata Di’ as a comment at the beginning of code.

Company sources say that this is the first time when Bugpakdu has failed to catch a bug. Earlier, he was accused of generating a fake bug in his own machine.

“That bug was behaving as if it was a ghost and was appearing only on tester’s machine,” recalled Rakesh, who was the victim even on that occasion, “But at that time, I failed to judge his actual intentions.”

Unable to bear the humiliation of not being able to spot a bug, Bugpakdu has now sued Rakesh for criminal conspiracy (IPC section 120B).

“It is a conspiracy to create unemployment in the country and dry up already shrinking job offers in engineering colleges,” said a member of ‘Testers Ekta Manch’ that has supported Bugpakdu in this legal fight, “Rakesh is a threat to the Indian economy.”

“Such Raam Rajya in software companies is not good for us,” the member also drew analogy with a fictitious situation where police force will become jobless if everyone becomes 100% honest, “It is a disastrous trend, and very soon we will need a ‘Save Our Testers’ campaign.”