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Tim Cook: iPhone will also have feature to remind people to pay their EMIs on time for the loan taken to purchase iPhone

15, Sep 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

The iPhone X was one of three new iPhone models unveiled at the first event at Apple’s new “spaceship” campus, as the California tech giant sought to spark fresh momentum in a global smartphone market seeing slowing growth and tougher competition. Among many features the Face ID one is been talked around a lot with people making many jokes about it. Tim Cook has recently announced that iPhone will have a new feature where in the phone will continuously remind you to pay your EMIs on time for the loan taken to buy iPhone.


As we all know that the iPhone has been riced around $999 which when it will come to India will cost almost a lac Rupees. Many Apple fans who cant afford it have applied for loans. Many renowned banks are offering low interest loans for buying the iPhone and people have gone crazy for the same. There are long queues outside most of the banks to avail the loan for the dream phone. But with the easiness of getting loans comes another problem, that of paying back the loan, obviously in the form of EMIs. With so many EMIs being part of  person’s monthly expenditure, its tough to remember the dates of each one.

This is where Tim Cook makes life easy for you. The iPhone will have a feature where Siri will continuously remind you to pay your EMI on time. It doesn’t if you have paid all other EMIs on time or not but Siri will make sure you don’t skip your iPhone EMI. This in turn will improve your cBill score too. SO parents need not worry about their kids gong crazy and not bothering to pay back the loan as Apple makes it easy for them.