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‘Time Management’ trainer spends 55 mins on 1st slide, 5 mins on next 50 slides to complete training on time

27, Jan 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: As part of soft skill training for techies, every six month they are asked to refresh their understanding on ‘Time Management’, ‘Quality Management’ and ‘Coding Guidelines’.

However, this time ‘Time Management’ trainer was different. She was ‘efficient’ in utilizing the 1hour that was available to her.

“Though she took 55 minutes to move from page 1 of the slide to page 2, rest of the 50 pages she completed in next five minutes to complete the training on time. We all applauded her ‘effort’ for sticking to time and gave her a standing ovation,” said Abhijith who was attending his 21st time management session in seven years of his career.

Only thing Abhijith did not like was when he came 2 minutes before the training starts, trainer did not like it.

Looking at everyone she said, “I expect all of you need to be at least ten minutes before the session starts. You need to collect your spiral binding presentation material, write your name on top of it, sign on the attendance sheet and be mentally focused for these kinds of trainings. We cannot lose a second of our precious time. Otherwise I need to report to your supervisors and you will be called for different one-on sessions as there are multiple levels of managers in your company whose only job is to track what employees are doing.”

Abhijith and his friends sitting on last row were more interested to watch live telecast of the 3rd test match between India Vs SA in office cafeteria. They were glad because of the ‘focused’ one-hour training they did not miss much.

“Pujara was still on zero, waiting for us to join live action before he starts scoring and Kohli has just come in”, said Abhijith who set a reminder to sell all the spiral binding soft skill books as his office cupboard was full of those.