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Tired with rats on flight, Air India to officially induct them as part of Cabin Crew

06, Jan 2016 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: Besieged with constant complaints of rats in flight, Air India has officially announced that it will induct all rats found on board as part of cabin crew.

Fasten  your seat belts, close your tray table tables and have your seat in the upright position
Fasten your seat belts, close your tray table  and have your seat in the upright position please

Speaking to Faking News the spokesperson for the national carrier said that the airlines has been looking at ways to deal with ‘vermin issues’ for a long time but has failed miserably and the latest attempt is the most practical way to deal with the situation.

“Tyre burts, rats on board, rude attendants is all that is being reported in the media about Air India. So we decided that it was necessary to make some changes. We have identified around overweight rats who can be part of our cabin crew.

Air India has put on hold furthers recruitment of new cabin crew and is planning tide over the manpower crunch with a little help from rats.

“Air India is going through a lot of financial distress lately. Rats are very economical. We don’t have to pay them anything. Besides, they survive on leftover food. The best part is that now passengers will not complain about ‘spotting rats on board’,” said the HR Chief of Air India as he prepared to conduct the annual appraisal of 57 year old air-hostess, Mahalaxmi Joseph.

Passengers reported to ‘having been briefed’ about safety instruction by a rat. Some were even enquiring about the possibility of them being in the cockpit too.

Our reporter spoke to a few rats that were undergoing training to equip themselves for the task ahead. Many were busy clicking selfies and posting them on FB.

“Finally our contribution has been acknowledged. This was long due, but I am happy that Air India has given us the respect that we deserve,” squeaked a rat, who was ecstatic at the prospect of traveling the world after  being selected to be part of Air India One crew, PM Modi’s official carrier.