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To boost employee morale, IT companies to come up with their version of Pay Commission

21, Nov 2015 By Harsh

New Delhi: Finally Achche Din is in horizon for 4 Crore Govt employees and pensioners. Today 7th pay commission have come up with recommendation to increase salary by 23.5%.

IT employee checking his salary slip
IT employee checking his salary slip

This will not only bring more money in the system to push sluggish economy ahead but also tap some of the corruption in various government office.

Trade Unions and  political parties have welcomed this recommendation and congratulated pay commission for this.

Meanwhile in other world of IT industry where lower single digit hike is no longer norm but a reward, panic grew among employees.

Many of these engineers have left PSU and govt jobs to join IT companies. Over the years things have completely changed. Flexible working time has now become 9.5 hours of compulsory punching in office, no onsite assignments, no free/discounted food at canteen, no free biscuit now no free tea/coffee.

Many families have reported their son/daughter as absconding due to their night shifts. After toiling for years now they are facing downturn in software industry. After salary hike of 23.5% of government sector employees they will be no where near them.

To boost up morale of employees, bosses in IT companies too have come with their own version of Pay commission. After extensive consultation, presentation, number crunching and looking at various performance criteria of  employees they have decide to offer a annual hike of 23.5 basis point (0.235%). This will the given to employee with highest performance rating in that year.

Commenting on this hike HR manager of  UBM India Mr. Ram G Ki Murthy said, “This is path breaking in the industry where industry is taking steps along with the govt. We are looking forwards for better utilization and higher output from employee after with wage hike.We may also consider to increase working hours by 2 hours. This additional hours will give our clients fast resolution also take care part of employee’s   electricity bill that they have to otherwise pay from own pocket for lights, fan and air conditioning.”

When employees were contacted for their comments on this they were too tired to respond and after promising that they will call back they simply switched off the phone.