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To control rising attrition rate, IT company shifts its office to Shimla

29, Jul 2014 By idiot420

Shimla. In order to check rising attrition rate, an IT company Dinosys has shifted its office from Bangalore to Shimla. Company’s decision is being seen as an attempt to allure its employees by providing them what they want most – trip to hill stations.

“We have noticed a lot of engineers taking leaves to visit holiday destinations like Shimla, Manali, and Leh-Ladakh. They say, it relaxes them and help them recover from work stress. So, we thought, why not shift the workplace to a similar location?” explained Dinosys CEO Subramaniam Iyer, adding that it will also reduce the number of leaves employees ask for.

Shimla Snow
If getting tortured is your fate, then at least choose a nicer place to get tortured.

In order to “rationalize” the relocation totally, company has made employees sign an agreement that reduces the number of allowed leaves per year.

“They happily agreed to our terms and conditions, which we presented before finalizing the idea of shifting our office,” Mr. Iyer revealed.

With comparatively less stressed workforce, company is also eyeing to increase the productivity by making them work for longer hours.

“I don’t think working for an extra hour is a bad deal, when we are offering them a dream job location,” Dinosys CEO concluded why his new location and rules were totally employee-friendly.

Considering what they are getting in return, employees are reported to have agreed to every term and condition put down by the company management.

“Working for an extra hour is not such a big thing for us, we are habituated of doing this. And with a view of beautiful valley from office window, it will pass like a minute,” hoped a senior Java developer, who like everybody else in the company, is also a nature lover and a serial photographer.

Sources tell Faking News that the company’s decision has started showing magical results.

“Many employees have deleted their accounts with job portals like and,” an HR expert claimed, “Shimla’s perfect weather for drinking and partying all year round, coupled with picturesque surroundings for photography, could prove to be the perfect antidote to employee dissatisfaction that IT companies have been looking for.”

Meanwhile, exhilarated by employees’ response, Dinosys management is mulling over the idea of slashing employee salaries by 10%.