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Traces of taste found in cafeteria food, employees shocked

26, Nov 2013 By chaturchaalaak

Chennai. A shockingly sumptuous news has emerged from the sambhar heartland of the country. After the rumors about the cafeteria food being tasty started taking rounds in a manufacturing firm , employees of the company were in for a rude shock when their suspicion was proved to be true by Food Inspectors.

As suspicious as it can get.
Many employees became unconscious and fainted at this sight.

 Food inspectors and aam employees were shocked and taken aback when packets of fresh ginger-garlic paste were recovered from the cafeteria store-room.

Faking News got in touch with Hungresh, an employee who works on the assembly line. He said, “Neither the idlis felt like thermocol nor the pavbhaji’s bhaji was soupy. To my horror, even the aloo paratha had aloo in it”.

He further claimed that his platelet count and hemoglobin levels had risen over the past month and now he plans to tattoo his organisation’s name on his tummy as a gesture of appreciation. A loud burp later from Hungresh that smelt of Mooli Parathas substantiated his claims.

Looking at the overwhelming response to the tasty food, the organization has promised to provide Thali at Farookh Abdullah prices on Saturdays, which is otherwise available at Raj Babbar prices.

Corporate food expert Bhookanand appreciated this move and says this will draw the single male employees to office on Saturdays too, thereby increasing production and reducing costs drastically.

The HR department of the company is ecstatic, as the employees have cancelled their leaves and a lot of senior employees who are going to turn 60 in the coming few months have postponed their retirement. All thanks to the food.

“This is turning out to be a strategic move by management, employee turnover has reduced by 3% in just one month,” said CEO of the company applauding the cafeteria management for their efforts.

Faking news spoke to the caterer, who supplies food at the company. He said, “As the saying goes, employee doesn’t leave a company, he leaves the cafeteria food. So we had a huge task at hand to curb attrition rate and the results are there to show.”

“Now average looking girls working in the cafeteria are getting more attention than the good looking female employees of the company,” he quickly added.

According to sources, employees are so satisfied with the food that even poor appraisals have been forgotten and overlooked by them. In fact many of them are ready to work even on Sundays if asked by management.