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Travel agent handling Modi’s foreign trips, tops Forbes India’s latest list of millionaires

19, May 2015 By dasu

Mumbai. Travel agent Nawal Kishore who is handling PM Modi’s foreign trips for last one year is at the top of Forbes India’s latest list of millionaires which was published recently. Mr. Kishore’s rags to riches life story has all the ingredients of a typical Bollywood blockbuster. We wanted to meet Mr. Kishore after we came to know Chetan Bhagat is writing a novel on his life, which is tentatively named half agent.

Mr. Kishore grew up in Mumbai streets by selling newspaper and later cinema tickets in black. After seeing the spectacular response, the travel stories like Dil Chahta Hai & Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara got, he switched his profession and become a full time travel agent.

“Bye folks. Off to some other exotic location.”

Mr. Kishore spoke to us on the condition of anonymity. “Sir, to start with travel and tourism industry was not earning me enough to survive. Thanks to Bollywood movies, Facebook updates & DSLR cameras, my business picked up in last decade. The major breakthrough came four years back when I got a contract to book tickets for foreign trips of PM and PMO officials, but the first three years were tough.”

When we asked Mr. Kishore about bumper harvest he has got in last one year. Mr. Kishore chuckled and said, “This is all due to Modiji. Though many in India are accusing he did not do anything great in last one year, for me he will get A+. How many Prime Ministers have energy to travel so much. Being a pure vegetarian, he has gone to China where a hard core non-veg eater like me could not survive for two days.”

Mr. Kishore added further, “Please tell me how many PMs will go to a small country like Fiji whose population is less than the sum total of techies working in TCS, Infosys and Wipro . After visiting a powerhouse like China, he is going to Mongolia. Have you ever heard even a state minister visiting Mongolia? See, how much he is opening up the travel and tourism industry. In spite of his hectic schedules, he tweets regularly about the places he is visiting, their food, culture, must visit nearby places.”

“This helps, as all of us do not have time to google or for that matter access Wikipedia all the time. How many of us knew about a place called “Xi’an” where Chinese premier hosted Modiji.  To save our country’s budget, he is not taking many ministers or photographers. If he does not find a suitable person from the crowd to click, he manages with selfies.”

“Modiji has done much more than any travel and tourism department has done for us. Let me confess, I did not know who is our current tourism minister, always thought it is Modiji till my son googled and found it is someone called Dr. Mahesh Sharma.”

Faking News asked Mr. Kishore what are the places Modiji will visit in near future as many places are not left in earth. Mr. Kishore being a thorough professional shot back, “I cannot disclose as this is against the standard protocol. As and when Government announces, you will come to know.”