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Twitter signs exclusive partnership with HP for printing tweets

15, Oct 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. After getting into an exclusive partnership with mobile service provider Airtel for sending and receiving tweets via SMS, micro-blogging site Twitter has announced another exclusive partnership in India. Now Twitter users will be able to print their tweets through HP printers and preserve them for archival purposes or to distribute them via post among their followers. Both HP and Twitter have claimed that their partnership will substantially enhance the experience of Twitter users.

“Twitter has become quite popular in India recently, especially after Shashi Tharoor tweeted about the cattle class and the holy cows. We realized that a lot of the people who were introduced to Twitter after the Tharoor controversy were the ones who loved paper more than computer monitor. We instantly decided to cater to this group as well as the existing users by allowing them to print their tweets. Apart from specific tweets, users can print whole Twitter page of any user.” Ravish Paperwala, Global Business Manager of HP informed.

Twitter and Hewlett-Packard come together for some paperwork
Twitter and Hewlett-Packard come together for some paperwork

Twitter too put a post on its blog confirming the exclusive partnership with HP. Both HP and Twitter have termed this partnership as a ‘historic’ one in the field of innovation and technology, which will take tweets to areas where neither internet nor mobiles exist. Twitter users will just need to connect their HP printers to their computers, and they can start printing their tweets.

But there was widespread confusion among Twitter users when they first heard the news. Users couldn’t really understand the nature of ‘exclusivity’ of the partnership between HP and Twitter.

“This looks like another WTF business deal. I mean why do I need to ‘exclusively’ use HP printer to print my tweets? I just tried my Canon printer and used the print command from the browser, and printed the whole page. Yeah, the layout was screwed and my twitter background didn’t get printed, but all my tweets were printed. Will they explain what is so exclusive about the partnership?” Nikhil, an angry Twitter user asked.

When Faking News contacted the 80 member Twitter team to get clarification, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that there indeed was some exclusivity in the partnership. A user needed to install a small add-on called PrinTweet to their twitter account to experience this great innovation. Following is the screenshot of Faking News’ Twitter page after we installed PrinTweet.

A screenshot of Twitter page of Faking News after installing PrinTweet
A screenshot of Twitter page of Faking News after installing PrinTweet

After installing PrinTweet, a small print icon appears on the right side of each tweet posted by any user, as circled in the screenshot above. This icon will appear only if you have an HP printer connected to your computer or laptop. When a print command is executed by clicking on this icon, the printed layout comes exactly the way one sees it on the screen. A similar print icon is also displayed on the top of the page in case a user wants to print the whole Twitter page. Users are advised not to use the print command from the browser menu.

Business and technology experts have termed this feature as a marvelous innovation and a wonderful exhibition of an exclusive business deal. Social Media Marketing gurus predict that the PrinTweet feature will become one of the most widely used feature by the corporate houses and celebrities to connect with their fans and followers.

Faking News has decided to grab the early mover advantage and appeals to our readers to send us self-addressed and duly stamped (must) envelopes to our office, so that we can print our tweets through HP printers and send them to you on regular intervals.