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Unable to complete elevator pitch with VC in 60 seconds, entrepreneur presses random buttons in lift

07, Jun 2016 By Pagla Ghoda

Hiranandani, Mumbai: A major elevator accident was barely averted at Hiranandani yesterday afternoon after a desperate entrepreneur Sandeep Kansal pressed several floor buttons randomly causing a short circuit.

Elevator pitch
One elevator ride can change your life

Luckily the lift was just jammed and there were no other people in the lift except Kansal and a leading Venture Capitalist Mr. Jignesh bhai Motwani. Apparently, Sandeep was trying to make a 60 seconds elevator pitch about his path breaking idea to Mr. Motwani when he realized that he won’t be able to finish before Mr. Motwani gets out of the lift on his designated floor. Panicked Sandeep pressed a lot of floor buttons to keep Mr. Motwani in the lift a little longer, causing this accident.

Narrating the incident to our reporter, Sandeep said, “As soon as I saw Mr. Motwani in the lift, I started discussing my new venture which will help people buy various types of Papayas online at dirt cheap prices. I had set the context during the first 15 seconds and details in the next 15. I was just about to start on the very critical customer acquisition part of my idea when I realized that the damn lift is moving too fast. Mr. Motwani’s floor was just 10 floors away. In the heat of the moment, I had to take a tough business decision, so I pressed a lot of buttons to make lift stop at every floor before his floor, but the damn lift just stopped moving after a brief sparking from the panel.”

“Though it gave me a fright at first but I quickly recovered and managed to pitch my idea to Mr. Motwani not just once, but 25 times. He was busy trying to call someone all this while but I am sure he got what I was saying”, Sandeep added.

This is not the first time that Sandeep has tried the elevator pitch. Apparently he spends all his day waiting outside the lift for a VC to appear and joins them in the lift to put across his idea. “I have tried this elevator pitch with 25 VCs so far. Even though nobody has agreed to give me Millions till now, I am not giving up hope till I hit 100 pitches. If nothing comes up till then, I will return to college to finish my graduation and become a corporate slave like everyone else”, Sandeep said.

When we asked Mr. Motwani about the incident, he said ,”I don’t know what happened, the lift simply stopped moving and I was stuck with a guy trying to sell me Papayas.”