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Union Budget speech printouts found in Parliament canteen

02, Mar 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. If you order pakora or samosa from Parliament’s canteen, chances are high that you would be handed those out wrapped in a paper, as is the accepted business practice everywhere in the country, but what is making the practice special here is the fact that those papers are actually the printouts of Union Budget presented by Finance Minister.

“I couldn’t stop myself from noticing that instead of the usual newspaper wrap, I was given samosa in an A4 sized paper wrap,” Faking News reporter Deepak, who decided to become a political reporter as he loved the canteen food of Parliament, described how he unearthed this breaking news.

Samosa pakori bhajji on paper
A “normal” paper used to wrap samosa and pakora, but the Parliament canteen is using Union Budget speech copies for the same.

“I was habituated of eating samosa on newspaper chunks carrying news like poor children eating mud, but this was a new experience as the new paper had no mention of food at all; instead it talked about LCD TVs and taxes,” Deepak recounted, “I decided to take a deeper look at the paper wrap and immediately found out that it was Budget speech.”

After handing out a 500 rupee note to one of the canteen workers, who then agreed to become a whistleblower, Faking News found out that the Parliament and government had decided to “dump” all budget documents the same evening Union Budget was presented in the parliament.

“They said the documents were not needed anymore,” our whistle blower “Aam Aadmi” disclosed, “Later many other copies were also found littered on the floor of the house, which were given to us by the housekeeping staff. Guess they were given to MPs from all parties to read and understand the budget proposals.”

“Aam Aadmi” informed that he had been collecting budget “garbage” all these years but for the first time he and his colleagues decided to make some use of it by making paper pouches out of them.

“Are we doing anything wrong?” our whistleblower asked with a little concern in his tone, to which Faking News replied, “Never mind!”

Meanwhile an MBA student from a well-known management institute in India has claimed that he has understood the meaning and implications of each and every proposal in the Union Budget.