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Unwanted-69, emergency contraceptive pill for gays launched

03, Feb 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. In order to make homosexual couples feel like “normal” couples, Mankind Pharma, a leading pharmaceutical company of India, has launched an emergency contraceptive pill for gays. The pill would be marketed under the brand name “Unwanted-69” and could be gulped down by either one or both of the partners to protect themselves from any instance of unprotected sex. The pill must be taken within 69 hours of having sex.

“Well, homosexual couples don’t really risk getting pregnant after having unprotected sex,” Rohit Raman, the R&D head of Mankind explained, “But we realized that after seeing so many ads of contraceptive pills for normal couples, some of them might want to have their own pill. After all they are also normal human beings.”

A happy gay couple
Coming soon… the chill pill for homosexuals

Mr. Raman further explained that just like condoms for gay men, this contraceptive pill was aimed more at protecting the couples from any health hazards like sexually transmitted diseases or throat infections rather than from any risks of pregnancy.

“We are calling it a ‘contraceptive’ pill for that placebo effect,” he claimed and argued, “If there can be fairness creams for men, what’s wrong with this?” Mr. Raman further informed that the company is planning a series of advertising campaigns to make Unwanted-69 a “household name”.

“Our messages would appeal to both the rational and emotional senses of the gays,” he added.

In one of the planned television commercials, a gay couple is seen as having met in a pub for the first time and straightway going to bed the same night. Next morning, one of the guys is shown weeping, seemingly with guilt or confusion, after which his partner shows him the Unwanted-69 pills. Both of them take the pill, smile, kiss each other, and go back their homes.

Unwanted-69 would be available on all medical shops next week for purchase without the need to show a doctor’s prescription. One packed has been priced at Rs. 377 and contains two pills.