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Vijay Mallya to shoot a “sorry” card apart from Kingfisher calendar

21, Oct 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

Bangalore. To silence critics who have been accusing him and his son of being busy with calendar shoot while employees of Kingfisher Airlines are facing troubled times ahead, Vijay Mallya has decided to shoot an exclusive “sorry” card that will convey his concerns on the whole issue.

“We will select the best looking girls in the skimpiest of clothes and make them pose with a big placard that will have ‘sorry’ written over it in a loud and clear manner,” Dr. Mallya announced his plans to alleviate the problems of his employees and resurrect his airlines business.

Sorry card
Vijay Mallya shows his deepest concerns

“That’s my style of doing things and that’s the best I can do,” the Chairman of Kingfisher Airlines clarified when Faking News asked if he had any more plans to help his employees, many of whom have not received salaries for over six months now.

When asked how such glamorous cards will help the distraught employees of the airlines company, which has got its flying license suspended, Dr. Vijay Mallya claimed that such a card would send out a strong signal to the authorities and the industry that he still cared about his airlines business.

“I am not only taking time out from an event as important as Kingfisher Calendar shoot, I’m even saying sorry; what more do you expect from me?” senior Mallya argued even as he rejected providing other means of healing touch such as at 10% discount on tickets for the Indian Grand Prix to 100 randomly selected Kingfisher Airlines employees.

Senior Mallya further informed that all the “sorry” cards will be personally signed by him just as he had personally interviewed and selected each and every air hostess of the Kingfisher Airlines.

While activists and experts have expressed shock and horror at the attitude of Vijay Mallya in wake of the crisis, Dr. Mallya did get support from a rather unexpected corner.

“At least he is saying ‘sorry’; Narendra Modi hasn’t said ‘sorry’ yet for the 2002 riots,” Congress leader Digvijay Singh said.