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Vishal Sikka says Indian IT sector is dependent on Google search engine, not H1B visas

25, Jun 2017 By dasu

Washington: Infosys Limited CEO Vishal Sikka has repeated what he has been saying for long, Indian IT companies are not dependent on H1B visas.

“For us to grow what we need is well-functioning Google search engine which should throw proper response in ultra-quick time for every query our engineer’s type on the search engine”, said Vishal Sikka while speaking to us ahead of PM Narendra Modi’s high profile US visit.

“I would request PM Modi instead of spending his two days’ time in Washington DC, he should go and have one meeting with top management of Google at their Mountain View headquarter in California. He should encourage them to come with even better algorithm which will help our engineers to have faster access to relevant code they are looking for”, said 50-year old Vishal Sikka considered among top IT Industry veterans.

Mr. Sikka highlighted how things have improved after Google launched it’s ever so popular search engine in late nineties. “When I started my career, it was all about referring to E. Balagurusamy books for programming languages like BASIC and FORTRAN 77. Life was not easy like our engineers have today. They can reuse every piece of code that is out there”, said Mr. Sikka.

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Mr. Sikka added “Let me quote something on the lines great Bollywood director Yash Chopra said in ‘Dil To Pagal Hai’, someone somewhere has written code for you. You should know how to grab it through properly formatted queries. I have asked NASSCOM to direct our schools, colleges to teach students how to make a proper query for what you are looking”.

“Things are looking even better now with Google coming up with new innovations in voice front, you just have to ask it now to get the answers. Soon we will have intelligence where you can just ask, it will write the code for you or someone like food delivery apps will deliver the code at your desk if you have no time to search or ask”, said Mr. Sikka.

We came to know one engineer who has written few lines of code which was not found on Google, is enquiring if he can take it forward and file them as Patent.