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With Vishal Sikka’s exit Infosys employees are worried new management might ask them to wear tie again

20, Aug 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Vishal Sikka’s sudden decision to resign from Infosys CEO position has impacted the shareholders as well as employees of Infosys. We spoke to some of the employees to know their reaction. There is a general apprehension among them, the new management might ask them to wear tie again.

“They might do so, because it seems the corporate governance standard, the result of the company was all in good state when employees were waring tie”, said Samit Kiran Roy, who is working in Infosys for last ten years.


‘My guess is Sikka’s bold step of removing ties unilaterally on his own without consulting founders might have annoyed them. Just to pacify the founders the new CEO will naturally take this step”, said Samit.

Samit added, “Mr. Sikka did not like wearing tie, so he gave us relief. But it did have some impact. Earlier when I went searching for house on rent, without asking me just by looking at my ‘tie’ owner will know I am from Infosys as soon as I will say I work in IT sector. Had many ties, some I have thrown. I did not have rope, see there I am using one old tie to shut my window properly so that rain water cannot enter when it is windy”.

“Ties are not costly, I can purchase new ones. But who will knot them? My friend who helped in the past have all left to pursue career interest outside of Infosys. I used one knotted tie non-stop for seven years without washing. Just hoping the shop keeper will help me to ‘prepare’ few new ties. This time I will keep them forever, at least till the day I write my resignation letter”, said Samit why the transition will be challenging for engineers like him who are yet to learn how to knot a tie.

In the meantime, Infosys is trying to put an advertisement in site for it’s CEO position. The site crashed as under salary & bonus component, very big amount was mentioned like what Mr. Sikka was taking. Such high package value Naukri site has never tested.