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Vodafone ZooZoo caught enquiring for a Reliance Jio connection

01, Sep 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: In a major embarrassment for Vodafone, its advertisement character ZooZoo was caught enquiring for a Reliance Jio connection. Reliance Jio‘s details were unveiled at the Reliance AGM earlier today and apparently, have attracted everyone including the ad characters of their rivals.

ZooZoos queuing up for a Jio connection

As per the announcements, voice calls will be totally free from a Reliance Jio connection and the data is free for everyone for first 3 months. Even the rates after 3 months are much cheaper than anything else that is available. All these benefits were too much to resist for ZooZoo.

Shortly after the announcements at Reliance AGM, a Faking News reporter caught ZooZoo at a Reliance store enquiring about the availability of a Jio connection. ZooZoo tried to run and hide after spotting a reporter at the store but we managed to corner him for a short interview.

“Well, just because I am an ad character, it doesn’t mean that I don’t have to call anyone or that I don’t like to browse the internet. I know I am supposed to be loyal to Vodafone and I am in a professional capacity, but as an individual, I do have the right to opt for free voice calls and cheap 4G speeds. Right now, I get 3G when it says 4G, 2G when it says 3G and ‘bas bhagwaan bharose hi hai ji’ when it says 2G”, ZooZoo said.

“I will still use Vodafone during office hours and pretend to enjoy net browsing on camera when I am actually waiting for the videos to buffer. However, once I am home, I want to actually enjoy watching videos and not just pretend to enjoy them. I am sure it won’t hurt my professional relationship with my employers.

As per sources, ZooZoo is already planning to ask the Amul girl for ‘Netflix and chill’ after getting a Jio connection.