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WhatsApp to distribute $1 billion among users who wasted time on WhatsApp

20, Feb 2014 By idiot420

California, USA. Setting an example, freshly acquired messaging service WhatsApp has announced that it will donate $1 billion out of the $19 billion that it’s going to get from Facebook, among its users who made the app what it is today.

“We only created this service, but the real heroes are the app users. They religiously wasted hours and hours without caring about themselves and their own future. We are not their relatives, but they helped us without expecting anything in return,” said WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton in an emotional letter to app users.

Your efforts paid off

WhatsApp will be distributing $1 billion among its 450 million odd users, which results into roughly Rs 135 for each user. This is first time in the history of mergers and acquisitions that any company has taken such a generous initiative.

WhatsApp decision has resulted into jubilation across the whole world. WhatsApp users were spotted celebrating and yelling on streets and on social media. Most of them sent “thumbs up” emoticon to each other on WhatsApp.

“Finally it paid off! I still remember the days when I used to spend hours even when not chatting. I’ll just check out the profile pictures, status, and last online at info for all my contacts,” revealed Ayunline Sharma, a WhatsApp user.

“Once my father said, ‘Better do some work, WhatsApp is not going to feed you’. Now, let that Rs 135 arrive, I will take him out for a pani-puri treat,” Ayunline said.

When this Faking News reporter asked whether Rs 135 was not too less for wasting approximately 1500 hours in last two years, Ayunline Sharma quoted a filmy dialogue, “Iss 135 rupaye ki qeemat tum kya jano reporter babu?

Another self confessed and humble WhatsApp addict Sarphar Shukla posted an emotional status update on Facebook exhibiting his joy.

“I started using WhatsApp without any motivation, money was never a motive. Thanks to my dad who bought me a mobile phone, thanks to my teachers who taught me A,B,C,L,O,L. and thanks to Facebook! It’s because of them I earned this money. Thanks everyone!” read his status update.

Sarphar Shukla has already planned where he is going to spend Rs 135. “Rs 98 for next month mobile internet plan, Rs 2 for charity, and remaining Rs 35 for cornetto ice cream,” he revealed.