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Women who friend zone men will have to pay higher taxes: Finance Ministry

02, Nov 2015 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: Concerned with the rising number of men who are being friend zoned by women and in an attempt to reign in this trend, Finance ministry has announced an additional ‘friend zone tax’ on women who encourage this practice.

No more 'friend zone'
No more ‘friend zone’

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley announced at a press conference that the additional tax on women was a measure to boost the economy. “We are planning to levy 12.5% tax on women to boost the economy and general sentiment within the country,” he said.

When asked as to how will it boost the economy he replied, “When men are friend zoned, it affects them psychologically. That has a cascading effect on their productivity and eventually it hurts the economy. With this tax in place, less number of men will be affected and we can hope to see better productivity numbers.”

Opposition parties criticised the Govt. and said that it was measure to please the electorate during Bihar elections. “It is a carefully planned move by our FM. If my numbers are correct, Bihari men lead the pack when it comes to being friend zoned. Almost 75% men from north and especially Bihar fall in that zone. Additional tax on women will mean that these numbers will drastically come down, said Sanjay Jha from the Congress party, quoting from a Chetan Bhagat book.

Women’s group too was critical of the govt’s intention and thought it was an invasion on their ‘right to freedom of choice’. “It’s a known fact that women need choice. When was the last time a woman walked into a sari shop, liked the very first sari that that salesman showed, purchased it and walked back home. Show me a woman who owns just one pair of sandals? Men shouldn’t feel bad when they end up in the friend zone. That is the way we women are,” said the head of NCW.

“This concept of ‘friend zone’ is not new. I existed back in the days too and now they have a name for it. I have been friends with many journalists and have friends across parties but never been in that zone,” said Mr. Jaitley on a lighter note.