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Won’t say “oola la lala lele o” even if a knife is put to my throat: SBI chief

17, Mar 2016 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. SBI chief Pareshan Loandekar has given a controversial statement that he will not say “oola la lala lele o” even if someone put a knife to his throat. The song “oola la lala lele o” is used by Kingfisher brand in its TV ads, and it is very popular among IPL flag-wavers and bankers.

“Nowhere in my bank terms and conditions it is written that I have to sing that song,” Pareshan Loandekar said while responding to a question if he still sings the “oola la” song in his bathroom.

A bank meeting called to discuss sanctioning loan to Vijay Mallya's companies
A bank meeting called to discuss sanctioning loan to Vijay Mallya’s companies

“I never sang that song, and I will never sing even if a knife was put at my throat,” Mr. Loandekar averred.

The statement is expected to snowball into a major controversy as most public sector bank employees are known to be fans of the Kingfisher song. Sources say that board meetings to sanction loan to Vijay Mallya used to start with singing “oola la lala lele o” song.

“He might have stopped singing that now, but he too used to sing that song like rest of us,” a manager of IDBI told Faking News while condemning the statement by the SBI chief.

The IDBI manager further revealed that many banks used to sing just the later part i.e. “lele o” whenever Vijay Mallya used to ask them if he could get a loan.

“Now suddenly he is singing a different tune to be popular in media,” he said.

“If he is so much against Kingfisher and Mallya, maybe he should leave the country and go live on some other millionaire’s yacht,” the IDBI manager blasted of the SBI chief.

Meanwhile Vijay Mallya has too has issued a statement condemning the statement of the SBI chief. He clarified that it was “le o” and not “lele o” in the song.