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"Work from Toilet" scheme mooted for people with stomach problems

15, Mar 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Are you one of those who are forced to spend hours in bathroom on toilet seats due to some stomach problem or because you just love being there? This hobby or handicap of yours might have proved to be an impediment to a regular employment till now, but things could soon improve. A leading recruitment consultancy company, having offices in the USA and India, has mooted the idea of Work from Toilet (WFT) jobs.

“As a society we have to be more inclusive and tolerant to other people’s needs and natures. We realized that there are people suffering from constipation who spend a lot of time in toilets in anticipation. Similarly there are people who love reading, thinking and analyzing issues while seated on toilet seats. Our society have been losing vital productive hours by ignoring these set of people, and hence we came up with the idea of WFT jobs.” said Shital, CEO of Wecruit Consultants.

Toilet Worker
Experts believe that a lot of people are being discriminated against for their toilet habits

Shital says that WFT jobs can be found in each sector and this could just be the next big thing in the recruitment industry, for more and more people were multitasking in toilets these days.

“A lot of people read magazines and newspapers only in their toilets. Obviously, a person, who knows how it feels like being in a toilet, can write better articles for such people. I believe a lot of writing and journalism jobs could fall into the WFT category.” said Shital, requesting all the newspapers to find out what percentage of their readership was toilet-borne.

“I can say for sure that a leading brand of newspaper in India is read only in our toilets, and they would do better if they made their journalists work through WFT mode.” Shital added, refusing to name the brand.

Apart from writing and journalism, IT-sector was also indicated as one of the potential big recruiters of the WFT candidates. Many of the management consulting jobs, as well as jobs of an analyst in investment banks, are expected to fall into WFT category as per Wecruit Consultants, who are coordinating with various corporate houses to come up with the inaugural list of WFT jobs.

“No, not because these jobs are akin to passing shit, we never said that.” Shital quickly disagreed with the wisecrack of our reporter, adding, “An employee working in a toilet can concentrate better on his work and can finish the job quickly. I’m pretty sure companies would like the idea.”

Wecruit Consultants are also planning to lobby for policy changes to force employers to advertise for WFT jobs under equal opportunity employment laws in various countries.