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World’s richest man boards Uber during surge pricing, gets down as world’s 2nd richest man

27, Jun 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai. Mexico’s multi billionaire Karlos Fatsos who was once hailed as world’s richest man reported a huge decrease in wealth yesterday after he took an Uber taxi ride from Dadar to Elphinstone Road. When Karlos entered the cab he was apparently world’s richest man as per Forbes but when he got down he was shocked to find that he was now downgraded to the world’s 2nd richest man.

Karlos who was in Mumbai for an Indo-Mexico business ties summit and few other key business meetings has been in a state of depression since this incident. This incident reportedly happened when Karlos’ own car suddenly broke down outside Hotel Bawa Oberoi and he had to hail an Uber SUV service, a ride which apparently costed him millions.

And from here on his wealth started decreasing.
And from here on his wealth started decreasing.

Later talking to reporters at the business-summit Karlos narrated the whole incident, “When my car broke down I booked an Uber SUV through the Uber App and that was my biggest mistake, as it is the most expensive of all options. In addition to the heinous per KM fare, it was also under 20.3 x surge pricing. I was forced to book it as I had to reach my destination ASAP, and was not getting any other taxi options due to heavy rains and unavailability of cabs. I even thought of taking a normal taxi but that might have been costlier, so I stuck to Uber,” Karlos rued.

He further continued, “Exactly at the time when I was entering the Uber SUV cab, a BBC correspondent took my pic and uploaded it onto the BBC website with the headline “Karlos takes Uber, stakeholders beware”. It was then shared on twitter by a CNN correspondent. Just after that a business news channel analyst took that photo and presented an analysis that this Uber ride will actually cost me atleast a million dollars. He gave a reason that there was a huge Uber surge-pricing going ON in Mumbai plus Mumbai roads were blocked due to heavy traffic, which will further pushup the waiting time tariff.”

“After this analysis report there was no stopping to this news, as it snow-balled into a major discussion all over the world. The news spread like a real wildfire across markets and my stocks started tanking sharply. Although my actual Uber bill came to be only Rs. 3498.57 for a 3.1 KM ride, but due to this negative market sentiment my company stocks are all in red and I have lost millions within a few hours. Indeed the most expensive cab ride of my life,” Karlos wiped the sweat on his forehead and said.

While Uber has not issued an official comment on the whole issue, Karlos’ company stocks are reported to be stable from the time he got down from the cab and quickly changed his Facebook location from “Uber Cab” to “On the street”.