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Yeddyurappa to manage Yahoo! after it gets its 5th CEO in 5 years

18, Jul 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

Bangalore. BJP leader BS Yeddyurappa, who is credited with periodically changing Chief Ministers in Karnataka but having a state government going strong, will now look after affairs of Yahoo!, the faltering internet company, which recently appointed its fifth CEO in five years.

“With us changing our CEOs like Facebook changes its layout, corporate world thought we were going downhill,” Fred Amoroso, Chairman of Yahoo! Inc. told Faking News, “We badly needed to portray an image where we appeared rock strong at the bottom even if regularly changing people at the top.”

Yeddyurappa, now Yeddy!, pointing at the sixth CEO of Yahoo!

“That’s when we thought of Karnataka BJP,” he continued, “They appear as if they could have one new CM each month if Yeddy wanted so, but they don’t appear too weak when compared with Congress or JD(S) in the state; whereas we are nowhere near Google or Facebook.”

After appointing former Google executive Marissa Mayer as its latest CEO, Yahoo! board met early today and decided to address this problem of having too many CEOs in a short span of time.

Marissa, with her vast experience at Google, confirmed that India offered unique solutions to such problems and one could learn a lot from this old civilization.

“Google learnt a lot about Orkut from the Indian markets,” Marissa disclosed, as every Yahoo! board member zoomed onto India in Google Maps on their MacBooks and iPads.

Since Yahoo’s income and profits are headed southwards, the board members looked a bit south and stopped at Karnataka.

“This is the situation we are in,” an Indian board member at Yahoo! exclaimed, “Yes, we are the Karnataka of the virtual world!”

After googling a bit about Karnataka and its latest political upheavals, Yahoo! board decided to take help of BS Yeddyurappa and offered him a consulting assignment of restructuring the organizational structure of Yahoo!

Our sources confirm that Yeddy has accepted the role as he could calculate much more earnings through this corporate assignment than he could have otherwise earned in a state where Lokayukta was as active as a Yahoo! 18+ chatroom.