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Young boy books young girl for secretary when he becomes vice president

18, Feb 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. 10-year-old Joey, son of Volkswagen India CEO, has decided to pick 8-year-old Preity as his personal secretary when he turns 24 and becomes the vice president of the company. The important decision was taken during his birthday bash yesterday, when hordes of young boys and girls attended the party hosted by his father. Preity was looking quite pretty in her pink dress, apparently impelling Joey to make the lucrative job offer.

“Is it possible to hire a personal secretary, in advance?” Joey reportedly asked his father, who answered in affirmative as he had just returned back home from campus placements of various business schools, where he had booked hired many MBAs in advance, for they were still studying and yet to graduate successfully.

Joey is seen smiling here after announcing his decision
Joey is seen smiling here after announcing his second corporate decision

“Then book her as my personal secretary when I become the vice president.” Joey pointed towards Preity, eliciting out clapping and sounds of “well deserved sir” from the guests present in the party, including Preity’s parents Mr. and Mrs. Iyer. It’s widely believed that Preity landed up with the job offer as she was looking really cute.

Mr. and Mrs. Iyer are quite happy over this pre-placement offer made to their daughter, although parents of other little girls present in the party thought that the decision smacked of nepotism and sycophancy. Mr. Iyer, Preity’s dad, works as a sales manager in Volkswagen India and is seen as being very close and privy to Joey’s dad by other employees in the office.

“The post was not well advertised. We had no idea that such an important decision could have been made, else we’d have dressed up our girls as well. Clearly Joey’s dad or someone in the family had passed on this insider information to Iyers.” complained a couple on conditions of anonymity.

The decision has also raised eyebrows among social scientists and democracy activists, who have taken strong objection to Joey’s audacious and presumptuous confidence of becoming a vice president at the age of 24.

“What kind of disdainful mindset is this that we are cheering here? It clearly shows the feudal and undemocratic policies being followed in the private sector. We’d never allow this conceited kid to have his way. The government has to formulate policies to rein in such dictatorial chaps.” Meera Mehta, a social worker said, announcing mass protests outside the villa of Joey from tomorrow.

Volkswagen India has refused to comment on the issue.