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Youngsters buy pigeons to exchange messages after Telcos warn of 60 fold hike in data tariffs

02, May 2015 By Beer & Biryani

New Delhi: Youth on the internet are reportedly outraged over Telcos warning to hike the data tariff by 60 times and are on a pigeon purchasing spree as a back-up mechanism to exchange messages.

To verify this fact, our reporters went to a local pigeon market and were surprised to find a group of college students indeed purchasing pigeons, a rare sight in contemporary India. Here is the transcript of conversation our reporters had with these young students.

“Pigeon carrying a ‘BRB’ message.”

FN to a girl: “Hello, young lady! Can you tell us why you’re buying pigeons?”

Student: “We are banishing our mobile phones soon as their smartness isn’t going to be affordable anymore. Pigeons will be our new best friends!”, said Divya as she smiled with energy. “As a girl, I just need to buy  a few pigeons as I chat with select people. But that doesn’t stop me from expecting a flock of them carrying ‘Hi, Whats up’ messages everyday in my veranda.”

FN to a guy: “Dude. Why so many pigeons?”

Student: “One or two pigeons are not enough for me as have  a huge friends’ list. How else am I expected to convey Nm, just going on..?”, said Rahul as he tried to manage uncontrollable pigeons. “Good thing is I don’t need to carry a charger anymore. I just need to feed them and give them water. In addition to these, there’s a greater romantic angle to pigeons carrying messages and I’m sure it’ll work like magic! “

Sources say Telcos have started to rethink their strategy on hikes after learning about this primitive approach being adopted by students. However, students seem to be so much in love with the filmy angle of exchanging messages that chances of them going back to using mobile data look quite slim.