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Zandu Balm approaches Ricky Ponting after VVS Laxman refuses offer for endorsement

06, Oct 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Mohali. Emami Limited, owner of the pain-reliever brand Zandu Balm, have approached Australian cricket captain Ricky Ponting for brand endorsement after stylish Indian batsman VVS Laxman rejected a similar offer from them. The company had offered an “undisclosed sum of money” to Laxman for issuing a statement in favor of the balm after his heroic performance in Mohali test yesterday, where he battled a back pain to drive Indian victory over Australia.

“We wanted Laxman to tell the world that his back pain was cured by Zandu Balm, thus helping him score freely and help India win the match,” a marketing manager of Emami told Faking News on conditions of anonymity.

When pointed out that the whole world saw Suresh Raina running for VVS Laxman, thus hinting towards the fact that the Hyderabadi batsman didn’t have his back pain cured by any balm, the manager sheepishly agreed that facts were not adding up to in the company’s favor.

Ricky Ponting
Ponting has not yet made any final decision about the product endorsement

“But who cares about facts?” the manager retorted, “All one needs is a good ‘story’. Didn’t you read those news stories that we had an amicable out of court settlement with Arbaaz Khan and decided to use his wife as brand ambassador? All that after sending him a legal notice just a few days earlier! You think facts added up there?”

But the ingenious plan of Zandu Balm couldn’t impress VVS Laxman or his advisors, who thought there was no “brand connect” even though four members from the Mohali’s playing eleven – Virender Sehwag, Sachin Tendulkar, Zaheer Khan and Harbhajan Singh – had earlier endorsed the same brand.

“Laxman would rather endorse McDonald’s and say “I’m loving it” or feature as a proof in Cycle Agarbatti’s “Bhagwaan Hai” (there IS god) ad campaigns than get associated with Zandu Balm at this point of time,” says Laxman’s media manager Venkat Raju.

After having failed to convince Laxman, Emami is reported to have approached Australian captain Ricky Ponting and make him say “yeh desh ka dard mitaana hai” (we have to get rid of this national pain) or just put Ponting’s face on the “munni badnaam hui” song for the advertisement.

“We strongly believe it will work,” said the anonymous marketing manager from Emami, though he expressed fears that his company might get trumped by an unidentified chewing gum brand company, which is trying to mock the advertising campaign of their competitor Orbit.

“Orbit says “it’s working” but this rival company is planning to use video clips of Ponting vigorously chewing gum during the match followed by pictures of his sad face after the Mohali loss, with the tagline “it’s NOT working” and ask viewers to switch to their brand,” informed the pensive manager.