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Zomato sues customer for not ordering from a hygienic restaurant after delivery guy falls sick while eating his food

18, Dec 2018 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai: online food delivery giant Zomato had an unusually bad day a few days back. As India woke up and got on Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, a video greeted them. A Zomato delivery boy – riders, as the company calls them – was caught on camera opening food packs meant for delivery and eating out of them. The employee was sacked within hours. But now a new shocking case has surfaced. ZOMATO_WEB-750x500

In the latest event, Zomato has sued a customer for ordering from an unhygienic place after the delivery guy fell sick while eating his parcel. The customer’s name is Sanil Jain. Sanil is a regular customer of Zomato and he followed his daily routine of ordering online on Tuesday. It was only when he inquired about his undelivered that he came to know about the delivery guy falling sick after eating his food. Sanil has been sent a notice by Zomato to appear in court.

Though Sanil apologized for ordering from a ‘not so good’ restaurant, Zomato is not willing to negotiate with an employees health just for the mere sake of a loyal customer.

Zomato also called this incident a ‘highly unusual and a rare case’, as most customers order from good places which keeps Zomato’s employees healthy and fit. Many customers have sympathized with the delivery guys saying “Eating, whatever be the means by which the food is gathered – by skill or kill – should never be a crime.”