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5 people who can become the next RBI governor

02, Jun 2016 By @jurnoleast

Check out these 5 nominees who are most likely to take over from Raghuram Rajan

Sunny Leone :


The entire Vijay Mallya fiasco has left a bad taste. Raghuram Rajan did his bit, but we need more. Complete transparency is the only way forward to tide over the situation. Sunny has proved that she aces it when it comes to being ‘transparent’. The only problem being her ‘Indianness’, which we feel even Subramaniam Swamy would like to make an exception to in her case.



The 2Rs man could bring in much needed frugality. Bad loans have haunted Indian banks for quite some time now. With his 2Rs thinking, KRK will help the Central Bank cut corners and spend only where needed. Besides he is very good with numbers. His box office predictions are spot on.

Trupti Desai: 


A look at the names of RBI Governors over the years reveals the lack of representation by women. Who better than Trupti Desai to break that tradition. Women are known to be better at ‘managing finances’, which makes Trupti’s case even more stronger. We have no doubt that she can travel all the way to UK and bring back the money Mallya owes the banks.

Arnab Goswami: 


If you had any doubts about the credentials of the the earlier nominees, then let Arnab put it to rest. Judge, vigilante and a part time news anchor, a man who wears many hats can definitely do to the economy what he has done with his newshour debate. He is our only hope of making people accountable.

speaking of accountability, it wouldn’t hurt if

Arvind Kejriwal: 


takes on the Added responsibility of being the RBI Governor. His noteworthy achievements should leave no doubt in anyone’s mind if he is worthy of the post. His ‘ek ek paise ka hisab’ and ‘how much he saved’ should help him get the post of RBI Governor. Just brace yourself for more ads and a dharna outside your house if you default on paying your installments.