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5 things you missed while watching the cult classic Sholay

15, Mar 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

1. Jai was deaf in the film. He couldn’t hear anything throughout the film. Jai was a poor deaf boy who was born without ears.  Don’t believe us? Try and spot his ears.

Do you see anything here?

6a00e551a4e0f3883301b7c7bfa4cc970b-800wiOr here?


Or even here, we can see Veeru’s ear but where are Jai’s ears?


One last time, anything?


2. Thakur was not a very punctual man. He never wore a watch. Well, of course it is a little difficult to wear a watch when your hands have been cut off but even before that, no watch. Check it out yourself.


3. Baldness was frowned upon in the world where Sholay was set. In fact, being bald was almost as big a crime as being a dacoit like Thakur. See how bald people tried to hide their hair (Or lack of it) throughout the film. Always wearing a cap to hide their balding head.



4. Gabbar was ambidextrous. Now he may not have too many likable qualities but you got to be impressed with a man who can use both hands.


5. Basanti didn’t charge customers by the meter. She looked all goodie good in the film but was actually breaking the law. We heard her confess that she charges different amounts for Belapur and Rampur, she could do this because she never installed the meter in her tanga. We can see the empty box on the right of this pic where the meter should have been. Basanti got upset when we clicked this pic and that is reflected on her face.